God Speaks to Me – Kristen Wetherell and Grace Habib

God Speaks to Me by Kristen Wetherell, Grace Habib
Also by this author: God Hears Me, God Cares for Me, God Came Near to Me, God Rescues Me
Series: For the Bible Tells Me So #3
Published by Crossway Books on September 26, 2023
Genres: Children's, Bible Stories
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Interactive Board Book Teaches Children How God Speaks through Scripture

Everyone is a theologian--even our little ones. Each board book in the For the Bible Tells Me So series offers kids ages 0-4 an introduction to key facets of the gospel and a glimpse at the joy found when children embrace Christ as their Lord and Savior. In God Speaks to Me, author Kristen Wetherell teaches how God reveals himself through creation and Scripture and gives hope through his Son.

This board book uses repetition, easy-to-understand language, and interactive elements to keep kids engaged and coming back again and again. Deeply rooted in Scripture, Wetherell shares the nature of God's words which are sweet, comforting, and immovable--ultimately encouraging children to trust, obey, and follow Christ all their days.

Teaches Kids How God Communicates with His People: This board book encourages children to trust Scripture and find hope in Jesus
Created for Kids Ages 0-4: Thoughtful language, colorful illustrations, and interactive elements keep kids engaged
For the Bible Tells Me So Series: Each book in this series teaches kids the gospel through an important biblical doctrine
Makes Great Gifts: Perfect for children, grandchildren, loved ones, or a church ministry

This is part of a new series that introduces young children to key themes from Christian theology. Each book features simple rhyming text from Kristen Wetherell and soft, colorful illustrations from Grace Habib, and the illustrations show scenes from nature and depict children with diverse skin tones. This book especially highlights nature, exploring how God speaks through His creation and talks to us through His Word in the Bible. I appreciate this somewhat surprising focus, since so few books for kids highlight nature as a source of understanding and appreciating God’s truth. Although I wish that the author had spelled out how nature conveys truth, the book at least introduces the concept.

Each book in this series ends with a Christ-centered message, sharing the gospel in a way that fits with that book’s theme. This one talks about how Jesus is the Word, and about how “He is the truth about God’s grace.” At the end, there is a flap to lift, revealing a mirror, and this underscores the final message that “God speaks to me!” The mirror paper gives a slightly wonky reflection, which is typical for books with that feature, but it’s a nice touch that personalizes the message again. There is also an afterword for parents that explains the teaching in grown-up terms, references Scripture passages, and offers additional ideas for how parents can engage with their kids on this topic.

God Speaks to Me is a great board book for parents who are looking for simple ways to introduce theology to their kids. The rhyming text has an uneven, forced meter on a few pages, but the message is clear and enthusiastic, and the illustrations are cute and engaging. This book introduces biblical concepts and symbolism in a way that kids can understand, and even adults can find this encouraging. I would recommend this whole series to Christian families and for church nursery contexts, because the books are so grounded in truth and convey it with joy.