The Story of Home: God at Work in the Bible’s Tales of Home – Caroline Saunders and Jade Van Der Zalm

The Story of Home: God at Work in the Bible’s Tales of Home by Caroline Saunders, Jade van der Zalm
Published by B&H Publishing, B&H Kids on March 14, 2023
Genres: Children's, Bible Stories
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No one makes a home like God!

The Bible is filled with stories about homes, from the Garden of Eden to the Promised Land, from the tabernacle in the desert to the temple in Jerusalem. But what do these stories have in common? What is God showing us through them? Enter The Story of Home and discover God’s perfect plan to build the homiest of homes through Jesus. Learn how Jesus welcomes all who are homesick to be part of His family and live happily with Him forever!

Filled with stunning illustrations
Traces the theme of home throughout the Bible
A perfect house-warming gift for a family
Can also encourage those who are homesick, lonely, or without a permanent home

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In this picture book, Caroline Saunders explores the theme of home as it appears in the Bible. The book begins with Adam and Eve living in a perfect home in the Garden of Eden, and Saunders shows how even though they sinned and had to leave Eden, God promised to someday defeat sin, redeem His people, and create a perfect home. Saunders shows how in our lives on earth, we catch glimpses of home and wholeness in beautiful things, but must also face the reality of sin and brokenness in the world and in our lives. She shares vignettes from throughout the Bible to illustrate this, such as God leading the Israelites to the Promised Land.

In the second half of The Story of Home, Saunders writes about Jesus, showing how He defeated sin and death and has gone to prepare a perfect home for us. The book ends with hope and encouragement from Revelation, looking forward to the perfect fulfillment and sense of home we will have when Jesus returns. There are additional thoughts for parents in the author’s note, along with discussion questions that adults can use with kids. This will appeal to Christian families, and is also appropriate for Sunday school and Christian education settings. However, this book is definitely intended for people who are already very familiar with the Bible. The high-level overview and thematic focus could be confusing for kids who don’t already know the stories.

The Story of Home: God at Work in the Bible’s Tales of Home deals with complex themes, but the writing is thoroughly kid-friendly, with simple sentences and concrete examples. The illustrations from Jade Van Der Zalm are lovely and full of interesting details, and they also include a seek-and-find element, with Bible citations hidden in the illustrations. This unique book shares a meaningful perspective on redemptive history, and it can be especially encouraging for people who are struggling with homesickness, have moved a lot, or are experiencing homelessness. Even though this book is for kids, it shares truths for everyone, and it can encourage Christians of all ages.