One Final Target – Janice Cantore

One Final Target by Janice Cantore
Also by this author: Breach of Honor, Code of Courage
Published by Tyndale on February 13, 2024
Genres: Fiction, Christian, Romance, Suspense
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Two wounded heroes shattered by tragedy and paralyzed by guilt and must find their footing and work together to catch a killer.
A warrant service in the San Bernardino Mountains goes horribly wrong when an IED blast kills four police officers. Devastated by the loss of her team, the lone survivor, Long Beach sergeant Jodie King, struggles with her guilt and grief, especially as the case remains open with no clear leads or suspects. Weeks after the explosion, Jodie retires from the police department and returns to the mountain bomb site seeking peace and resolution . . . only to find herself in the crosshairs once again.
Sam Gresham just happens to be in the right place at the right time when shots are fired at Jodie. The newest detective for the county sheriff’s department, Sam is assigned to work the IED, his first case back after his own traumatic loss. While Sam sees an opportunity to help Jodie heal from her lingering scars, Jodie hopes fresh eyes will bring new insight to the investigation. Because after this latest shooting, one thing seems Jodie has always been the intended target―and the threat may be much closer to her than anyone wants to admit.
Janice Cantore delivers another pulse-pounding contemporary romantic suspense novel about overcoming grief and learning to trust again.

I’d been looking forward to One Final Target by Janice Cantore since I first heard of its existence. The novel has the perfect amount of mystery and thrill, flavored with a dash of romance. When I say a dash, I mean a dash. A sprinkle. Janice Cantore does not focus on a growing relationship—instead, the novel centers on the threat. In this case, an IED killed Jodie’s team several months ago. It looms over her, as Sam struggles to overcome the loss of his partner. When a sniper tries to shoot Jodie, Sam is in the right place to intervene. The case quickly becomes more complicated—and more dangerous—as details are revealed. Jodie and Sam can only hope they solve the case before Jodie loses her life.

As a former police officer, Janice Cantore provides novels that make sense. She pursues every lead and motive. Cantore marvelously portrays the plot from the beginning to the end. One Final Target is filled with twists, suspects, and speculation. Everything about Cantore’s newest novel is believable. I was left with no questions, no plot holes. Like a master investigator, she covers every detail. I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of the story. One Final Target does not need any of the romance. The novel’s description calls it ”pulse-pounding,” and that is the perfect word for it. Exhilarating. Suspenseful. Real.

Grief is a heavy burden on the mind and soul. Jodie and Sam both struggle with it but in different ways. One Final Target depicts the war against despair so vividly. So poignantly. Being a Christian is not easy. Life after salvation is not sunshine and roses. The “prosperity gospel” is nothing but lies. The easiest time to be a Christian is during the good times. The darkest hours, however, it can be hard to find the light. It is hard to trust God when there are no answers. When survivor’s guilt kicks in. When God stays silent.

But, as Cantore wrote in the book: “God is good, even when life isn’t.” And “No one in this life is immune from bad things. Trusting God doesn’t mean no trials. Trusting God means an ever-present help when trials come.” God is there. He’s in the lions’ den. He’s in the fiery furnace. He’s there in our celebration and our pain. One Final Target by Janice Cantore offers comfort to the broken-hearted and weary. It provides a message of hope and closure. It is a wonderful novel for all readers and one I recommend whole-heartedly.