Double Indemnity – Robert Whitlow

Double Indemnity by Robert Whitlow
Also by this author: Trial and Error, Trial and Error, Relative Justice
Published by Thomas Nelson on June 6, 2023
Genres: Fiction, General
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When a young entrepreneur dies from a gunshot wound on a hunting trip, his marriage counselor and his wife’s divorce attorney begin to investigate just who stands to gain from his death.
Connor Grantham, a highly intellectual young minister, has settled into a life as the pastor of a church in a small town that allows him to indulge his favorite activities: exploring the woods in the mountains of north Georgia and reading theological books. One of his more difficult tasks is providing marital counseling to Matt and Elena Thompson, a volatile couple.
Liz Acosta is a local attorney who recently moved to the area from south Florida and is hired by Elena to explore divorce possibilities. But before she can get too far in the process, Matt is killed while on a hunting excursion at a local deer preserve. With multiple life insurance policies that will pay out millions of dollars in benefits pursuant to double indemnity clauses that apply if, and only if, his death is deemed an accident, Connor and Liz are drawn into the investigation.
Together Liz and Connor uncover more about the couple and the struggling tech company Matt owned. When one of them comes under suspicion, the stakes become even greater and the truth even harder to find.
Contemporary Christian legal dramaPerfect for fans of John GrishamIncludes discussion questions for book clubs

I have loved most of Robert Whitlow’s novels, and Double Indemnity is no exception. Liz Acosta comes to a small town in Georgia to work at a law firm. At first, Liz thinks the firm is only going to use her as a Spanish interpreter, but after the death of Matt Thompson, she suddenly finds herself as the main attorney for his grieving wife. She meets Connor Grantham, the local pastor, and before long, her personal and professional lives collide. Connor offered marriage counseling to the Thompsons before Matt’s death, and as circumstances unfold, not everything is as it seems.

Whitlow’s last book, Relative Justice, did not do it for me. Double Indemnity, on the other hand, was wonderful. What I appreciate about Whitlow is his books often have a sense of intensity without high levels of danger. Unknown subjects do not shoot at the main characters or kidnap them. Ransom notes are rare. Instead, Robert Whitlow creates his stakes in other ways. His mysteries are believable and thoughtfully presented. Let’s be real—the only legal cases we often see in the news are murders, kidnappings, and rapes. If big names are involved, the proceedings may even be televised. Big cities do not care about small town crimes. Double Indemnity by Robert Whitlow presents a fascinating case that pulls in readers without the robberies and mass shootings that draw watchers to their television screens. Does the book have murder, or is it accidental? It’s up to the reader to find out!

The case, however, is not the only plot in Double Indemnity. Whitlow provides stories inside his stories. Matt isn’t just a pastor; he is an intellectual desiring a professorship and an avid hiker. Liz isn’t just an attorney; she is a talented chef whose food brings her connections. Whitlow uses his novels to exemplify how in life, situations overlap. Problems can run parallel, or they can intersect. The good and bad can mix, and sometimes, there’s more bad than good.

But God is constant. He works in mysterious—and great—ways. He can change hearts, and He can move when you least expect it. Double Indemnity by Robert Whitlow portrays God’s omniscience, love, and omnipotence. God can build you up when you don’t think it’s possible. He can give peace and answers…even if those answers aren’t what you want.

Double Indemnity is entertaining, pulling readers into its metaphorical flow. There are twists and rapids, but Whitlow is a talented and experienced guide, leading readers flawlessly until they reach the book’s end. I, for one, am grateful I took the ride!