Turtle Finds His Talent: A Slide-and-Find Book: Discovering How God Made You Special – Lucille Williams and Amanda Gulliver

Turtle Finds His Talent: A Slide-and-Find Book by Lucille Williams, Amanda Gulliver
Published by Zonderkidz on April 18, 2023
Genres: Children's
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Children ages 2-6 will love this adorable and interactive board book that encourages them to embrace their unique gifts and talents. Little ones will also learn throughout the story that God made each of us to be different, and our differences are what make us special.

Allie the bunny can hop up and down, Lincoln the fox can run fast, Joey the giraffe can reach high up into the sky … but what can Tanner the turtle do? Feeling embarrassed by his lack of talent, Tanner pulls himself into his shell to hide. But when he emerges, he’s surprised to see his animal friends are amazed by what he can do.

Turtle Finds His Talent:

Has child-friendly content that is meaningful and speaks to a child’s inquisitive mind, with features that encourage imagination and play
Includes a fun, interactive pull tab feature that allows toddlers and preschoolers ages 2-6 to help Tanner hide and come out of his shell
Is durable, and the perfect size for little hands
Is ideal for cozy lap reading and story time with children and grandchildren
Makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, and Easter

This large board book has adorable illustrations and a sweet message. The story by Lucille Williams is about a young turtle who compares himself negatively to his friends, wishing that he could do all the exciting things he sees them doing. He feels like he doesn’t have a talent, and his mother encourages him and says that God made him special. Later, the turtle’s friends are amazed to discover how he can go in and out of his shell, and the turtle realizes that everyone is special in a different way. Amanda Gulliver’s illustrations are cute, soft, and charming, and one page has a pull-tab feature where you can make the turtle come in and out of its shell.

The faith-related message is very simple and straightforward, teaching kids that God made everyone special and has given people different talents. This will appeal to Christian families who are looking for cute animal books with positive messages, and it can be helpful for young children who are struggling with social comparison. Also, although the story has nothing to do with disabilities, this could also be helpful for special needs kids who are struggling with their differences and can’t do all the same things as their peers.

Turtle Finds His Talent is a cute book that many families will enjoy reading repeatedly. The pull-tab doesn’t always work perfectly, and some kids will need a parent’s help with it, but even though the pull-tab will eventually wear out, it’s a cute feature that will catch children’s attention and drives home the turtle’s excitement in discovering what he can do. With its fun special feature, cute illustrations, and positive message, this will appeal to both kids and parents.