Coming Home: A Roadmap from Fearful to Fully Alive – Layla Palmer

Coming Home: A Roadmap from Fearful to Fully Alive by Layla Palmer
Published by Bethany House Publishers on November 21, 2023
Genres: Non-Fiction, Memoir
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How do you live fully alive when you feel lost within your own skin?

That was the question Layla Palmer struggled with after developing an anxiety disorder that shrunk her confidence and her world.

For the first time, Layla shares the details of her circuitous, hard-fought journey, and through soul-suffusing stories, inspiring imagery, curative quotes, helpful research, and restorative family recipes she helps you:

· feel calmer, clearer, and better equipped to handle stress
· tap into the healing power of nature
· move past the things that are holding you back
· reconnect with the home of who you are

Anchored in hope, Coming Home bravely demonstrates how you can overcome adversity, soften to your whole self, build a place of belonging, and live fully alive.

I had never heard of Layla Palmer before I learned about this book, but the title and cover immediately appealed to me, and I enjoyed this a lot. Coming Home will appeal to Palmer’s online following, and it is a warm, inviting read for anyone who enjoys lifestyle books and vulnerable personal reflections. Palmer shares personal stories, photographs, family recipes, favorite quotes, and life advice, and this is the kind of book where someone can read it straight through or randomly dip into different parts. This is a lovely coffee table, with a beautiful layout and design, and there are lots of short-form reflections that people can read in a moment, along with the longer chapters.

I especially appreciated Palmer’s vulnerable stories about dealing with anxiety, and she shares good advice about ways that people can ground themselves in nature, healthy self-care, and creative outlets. This book has a cozy feel to it, and Palmer seems like a genuine and kind person. However, even though this book is from a Christian publisher, it reads like a secular self-help book. There are some occasional references to God and faith, but they are very vague and general. Most of the message is about looking inward and coming home to yourself, and although that makes the book marketable to a secular audience as well, Christian readers who are expecting faith-based advice and encouragement may be surprised and disappointed with this book’s focus.

Coming Home: A Roadmap from Fearful to Fully Alive is a charming lifestyle book that is full of vulnerable personal stories, caring advice, and cozy recipes and self-care recommendations. Women of all ages can enjoy this and relate to different elements in it, and this will appeal to Palmer’s existing fan base and to people who are new to her work. I really enjoyed this, and I found it sweet and comforting. This is definitely a mainstream lifestyle book, not a guide to Christian personal growth, but I would recommend this to people who have the right expectations and are looking for something like this.