She Reigns: Conquering Your Triggers, Fears, and Worries With God’s Truth – Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien

She Reigns: Conquering Your Triggers, Fears, and Worries with God's Truth by Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien
Published by Revell on April 4, 2023
Genres: Non-Fiction, Christian Life

If you're a believer, God has given you a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. Yet how often do you feel assaulted by fear, worry, anxiety, or negative thoughts?

Unpacking personal heartbreaks, struggles, and never shared before confessions, Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien gives you an intimately empowering look at how to reign over your thoughts and feelings as God intended. Snippets of her journal entries will assure you that you're not alone and will encourage you to speak God's promises in spite of what you see and feel. You will be given the weapons to identify your triggers, take negative thoughts and debilitating emotions captive, and posture your heart for delight.

Trials and dangers may abound, but you are a queen who does not cower in the face of difficulty. By God's power, you can reign supreme over your inner world.

Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien shares her story of processing challenging life realities and turning to God for emotional healing. She writes about how she was able to overcome lies that she believed about God and herself, and she shares encouragement for other girls and women who are struggling with anxiety, fears related to spiritual things, and feelings of despair and defeat. Saint-Elien is a Haitian-American former beauty pageant winner with a significant online following, and as she explains in this book, she has often struggled with putting her identity in God rather than her past success or what she wants to achieve in the future. She also writes about some of the downsides of her online presence, such as experiencing betrayal and plagiarism in her online communities.

She Reigns: Conquering Your Triggers, Fears, and Worries With God’s Truth is full of honest, heartfelt reflections about internal struggles. Fans of Saint-Elien will appreciate this look into her inner life, and those who are not familiar with her previous work can connect with her vulnerability and relate to many of the topics she discusses. She writes in a very casual, conversational style that will appeal to her target audience and often feels like a blog post or vlog, and she expresses her thoughts about Christianity and God with gut-level honesty. Because of this book’s faith emphasis and focus on issues that Christians experience when walking out their faith, this will mainly only appeal to fellow believers, but the book doesn’t feel preachy.

Saint-Elien encourages Christian women to embrace their identities as daughters of God and find confidence and truth in Him instead of believing lies, and she shares excerpts from her pandemic journals to reflect on ways she has grown through her struggles. How much women connect with this book will vary based on how much they relate to the author’s experience, and I sometimes wished that Saint-Elien had explained what she meant by different concepts, such as prophecy, since those ideas are easily abused, but she shares a lot of honest thoughts and encouragements that will help women struggling with similar things.