How Much is a Little Girl Worth? – Rachael Denhollander

How Much is a Little Girl Worth
How Much Is a Little Girl Worth? by Rachael Denhollander, Morgan Huff
Also by this author: How Much Is a Little Boy Worth?
Published by Tyndale on September 10, 2019
Genres: Children's, Children's Educational
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You’re beautiful, worthy, and you should be loved. Because of all that you are. Different from anything else in the world, You are precious beyond the stars.

How Much is a Little Girl Worth? is Rachael Denhollander’s tenderhearted anthem to little girls everywhere, teaching them that they have immeasurable worth because they are made in the image of God. Armed with this understanding, girls will develop confidence in their own value and blossom into women who can face any challenge life puts in their path.

This powerful message, paired with vivid, glowing illustrations will make you want to snuggle up with your little girl and remind her of how precious and treasured she is.

“How much is a little girl worth?” Rachael Denhollander asked as former Olympic doctor Larry Nassar faced sentencing for his sexual crimes. She was the first woman to publicly accuse Nassar, and in this book’s foreword, she explains that she wrote this poem for her daughters to answer the question that she had asked. A little girl is worth everything “because she is made in the image of her Redeemer,” and even though girls tend to look to their accomplishments, mistakes, or treatment by others to judge their worthiness, our value is a gift from God.

This beautifully illustrated picture book features bright colors and racially diverse girls, and the poem is gentle and reassuring. Denhollander designed this book for parents to read aloud to their daughters to remind them how loved and worthy they are, and she never brings up age-inappropriate concepts or details. The book teaches that girls are “worth more than power or protecting a name,” but even though this opens the door for parents to discuss sexual abuse with their daughters, it does not force a conversation that a child is not ready for. She focuses instead on the message of the gospel, explaining that God “lovingly made” every girl and loves his creations so much that he sent His Son to give His life for them.

This book assures girls that nothing and no one can take away the inherent dignity and value that they have in God. Even though it specifically focuses on girls and does not acknowledge male victims of sexual assault or identity struggles, that is more of a reason for a sequel than a fault of the book itself. Denhollander shares a beautiful message of eternal love, encouraging families to emphasize the unchanging value that God places on every life.