American Awakening – John Kingston

American Awakening John Kingston
American Awakening: Eight Principles to Restore the Soul of America by John Kingston
Published by Zondervan on July 28, 2020
Genres: Non-Fiction, Christian Life, Leadership, Work
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A healthy and united America--perhaps a country more united than it has ever been--is truly possible, and it starts with us. John Kingston draws on wisdom from history, science, faith, and culture, along with his own experiences, to offer eight principles for discovering purpose, meaning, and true community. 
We live in the greatest peace and prosperity that the world has ever known, but Americans are feeling more division, isolation, depression, and despair than ever before. These are issues of the soul. We seem unable to find purpose and meaning. We can't find "the life that is truly life"--a vibrant and purpose-filled way of living best experienced together.
From his youth, Kingston has always carried a vision for a free and united America. With an approachable and conversational style, as well as a dash of humor, Kingston draws on a diverse and compelling collection of wisdom--the parables of the Bible and the philosophy of Aristotle, the legacy of Nelson Mandela and the speeches of Abraham Lincoln, the songs of Bruce Springsteen and current studies from the best neuro and social scientists today--to remind us that there is no "them," there is only us, and we're in this together.
In American Awakening, Kingston offers eight timeless principles for breaking through this darkness and despair and cultivating a radical togetherness, both here in this country and around the globe. You'll discover the profound impact of:
In-person connectionMaking more from lessDiscovering purposeRedeeming adversityResponding instead of reactingFinding your unique sense of belongingWherever you find yourself politically or spiritually, a healthy and united America starts with you. Join the Awakening movement and let's rediscover who we are--together.

It has existed since long before 2016, though that’s when it began to come into full focus for most people. The great American experiment seemed to have lost its way, lost its soul. Not just in the spiritual sense—though that, too—but in the moral sense. We find ourselves divided. By race. Religion. Political party. Income levels. Geography. Family histories. We all want to see America flourish. We all want there to be hope for an improved future. But getting to that point, or even agreeing on what that point looks like, seems impossible. Into the chaos and confusion, John Kingston has eight different principles he hopes will bring about a new American Awakening.

Kingston’s book exists somewhere in the nexus of religion and politics. While his principles are to rebuild America’s soul, and while he writes from a Christian perspective, he realizes the depth of American religious diversity and borrows from a number of religious traditions. And while his principles are more personal than political—and he writes from a centrist Republican perspective—Kingston also recognizes the depth of American political diversity. The result is a unique book that truly speaks to all audiences, if only they will listen.

Kingston’s eight principles are, to be honest, not that revolutionary. Well, they are revolutionary but they’re nothing new. He calls individuals to find their purpose, to long for renewal, to tackle adversity head-on, and to engage in community. This first part, with its focus on individual identity, encourages and emboldens readers to not give up and gives them a framework for developing a more united country. A more united States begins with individuals and in family, church, and community settings.

The second part takes these principles into the public sphere. We should respond instead of react; we should recognize our togetherness; and then we should work together. I especially appreciated his section on humanity being made in the collective image of God. The acknowledgment of a collective responsibility that stems from our purpose to reflect God is a powerful statement on the necessity of coming together and working through our differences.

American Awakening is also intensely personal. Kingston tells his own life story and his engagement and involvement and progression in each of these various areas. He pulls in stories from history and sociology, detailing our individual and collective responsibilities to the larger community of America.

Whatever your political leanings or religious affiliation, there’s something in American Awakening for you. Join John as he embarks on a new revolution to discover who we are as “we the people.” If we truly followed the principles in this book, it would revolutionize our public life.