The Servant Lawyer: Facing the Challenges of Christian Faith in Everyday Law Practice – Richard F. Cochran Jr.

This thoughtful, well-written book explores how lawyers can integrate their faith with their work. Richard F. Cochran Jr. writes from the perspective of an attorney and a law school professor, and he shows that even […]


Working from the Inside Out: A Brief Guide to Inner Work That Transforms Our Outer World – Jeff Haanen

I have started reading more books about work and vocation recently, and Working from the Inside Out stands out as a particularly thoughtful and practical one. Jeff Haanen encourages Christians to recognize the importance of […]


The Liberating Arts: Why We Need Liberal Arts Education – Jeffrey Bilbro, Jessica Hooten Wilson, and David Henreckson (Editors)

Many people criticize the liberal arts for being elitist, outdated, unmarketable, and a waste of time. In this refreshing book, a number of different academics reflect on how the humanities liberate people to know their […]