Leaving Silence Susannah Larry

Leaving Silence – Susannah Larry

A book like Leaving Silence is difficult to read because it forces readers to face the harm of sexualized violence—and not just as something perpetrated by “the world” but as a recurring theme in the […]

I am Not Your Enemy Michael McRay

I Am Not Your Enemy – Michael McRay

We are a divided and divisive people. I’m writing this review amid the United States’ tumultuous exit from Afghanistan and the day after an ISIS suicide bomber killed a dozen US military personnel and several […]

Speak Your Peace Ron Sider

Speak Your Peace – Ron Sider

A few years ago, Ron Sider wrote a book called If Jesus is Lord, which was a thorough and comprehensive examination of the doctrine of nonviolence. The next year, Sider worked that academic book into […]

Tongue-Tied Sara Wenger Shenk

Tongue-Tied – Sara Shenk

Evangelism has kind of gotten a bad reputation. First, you have the connection to evangelicalism—which is increasingly seen as a polarizing political identity more than a theological one. Then you have all the ways in […]