Timescape – Robert Liparulo

Timescape Robert Liparulo
Timescape by Robert Liparulo
Series: Dreamhouse Kings #4
Published by Thomas Nelson on November 29, 2010
Genres: Fiction, Christian, Thriller, Young Adult
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Which door would you go through to save the world?

David, Xander, and Toria King never know what new adventures--and dangers--await them beyond the mysterious portals hidden on the top floor of their new house. They have battled gladiators and the German army, dodged soldiers on both sides of the Civil War, and barely escaped a fierce attack in their own home.

Still they are no closer to finding their mother, who was pulled by powerful forces through a portal and lost in time. Their only hope is to turn the tables on Taksidian, the menacing stranger who wants them out of the house so he can use it for his own twisted purposes.

But everything changes when a trip into the near future reveals the devastating outcome of Taksidian's schemes--a destroyed city filled with mutant creatures. It is only then that the Kings realize what they're really fighting for--the fate of humanity itself.

What would you do if you knew the fate of the world depended on your action or inaction? The Kings’ battle with Taksidian is raised to new heights when the Kings step into a portal that takes them to the future and they realize the end goal of Taksidian’s plans. It isn’t just about Mom anymore. It’s about everybody everywhere. And the Kings are beginning to wear down.
In return, Taksidian has stepped up his game, determined to get rid of Jesse, the one man who might know enough about the house to stop him. The journey continues with more suspenseful scenes and more dramatic turns. Questions are answered, but more are raised. The Kings turn to the future and discover what will happen if Taksidian’s goals are accomplished. The result terrifies them, but strengthens their resolve to overcome.
The Kings, tired of defending their home decide to turn the tables on their formidable enemy. And as the last pages close, one question remains: Was that the right decision? With Timescape, Robert Liparulo launches readers into the second half of the Dreamhouse Kings saga, which culminates with the already released Whirlwind and the to-be-released conclusion, Frenzy.
Liparulo continues to raise the stakes and heighten the suspense as the series progresses. Unforgettable characters are combined with excellent storytelling that leaves the reader begging for more. If you haven’t read the Dreamhouse Kings saga, Timescape isn’t the place to start. Each book in the series builds upon the previous, so you must be begin with book one, House of Dark Shadows. And, in my opinion, have the whole series ready at hand, because you won’t want to stop.  I warn you, just like the mysterious portals in the King mansion, these stories are sure to suck you in and drop you in the middle of adventure.

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