Skin Ted Dekker

Skin – Ted Dekker

I was about thirty pages into Skin the very first time I read it—the day it released—when I began to have this sense of déjà vu. We’ve been here before, haven’t we? A group of […]

Blink of an Eye Ted Dekker

Blink of an Eye – Ted Dekker

Say…doesn’t this one seem familiar? And the answer is yes. After the success of the Circle Trilogy, Thomas Nelson immediately got to work reprinting Ted Dekker’s early novels. Most of these books just got a […]


Dark Angel – Andrews and Wilson

Jedidiah Johnson is returning to action, training with the elite warriors known as the Shepherds. He thinks he knows what he’s getting himself into, but finds himself placed among the raw recruits. As he struggles […]

The Lightning Rod Brad Meltzer

The Lightning Rod – Brad Meltzer

The protagonists of this book are a mortician at a secret military base and a military artist-in-residence called upon to bear witness to the horrors of war. With characters like that, there’s a lot that […]

Obsessed Ted Dekker

Obsessed – Ted Dekker

Obsessed may be Ted Dekker’s most overlooked novel. Coming just a few months after the conclusion of the Circle Trilogy, Obsessed was a return to the “old Dekker,” suspense thrillers with a theme taken directly […]