Carrie Stephen King
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Carrie – Stephen King

Carrie is perhaps better known for what it started than what it is. Although Stephen King had written three novels prior to Carrie (those being Rage, The Long Walk, and Blaze), Carrie was his first […]

The Escape Lisa Harris

The Escape – Lisa Harris

The Escape begins with a bang and never lets up. That becomes its biggest strength and greatest weakness. US Marshals Madison James and Jonas Quinn find themselves unlikely partners on a prisoner transport mission. They’ve […]

The Defiance Laura Gallier

The Defiance – Laura Gallier

The Defiance by Laura Gallier is the latest in the author’s “The Deception” series. The poor teenagers in these novels experience spiritual warfare in the physical sense. They see it, and it can affect their bodies. […]

The Deception Laura Gallier

The Deception – Laura Gallier

The Deception by Laura Gallier is book #2 of The Delusion series, and it picks up not long after The Delusion concludes…if you could call the first book’s cliffhanger ending a “conclusion.” The Deception also ends in a cliffhanger, just a […]

The Delusion Laura Gallier

The Delusion – Laura Gallier

Where do I start with The Delusion by Laura Gallier? Fans of Ted Dekker’s more thrilling books like Adam and The Bride Collector will like this novel. If you’re a Frank Peretti fan, too, The Delusion is right up your […]