Dreams for Our Daughters – Ruth Doyle & Ashling Lindsay

Dreams for Our Daughters Ruth Doyle Ashling Lindsay
Dreams for Our Daughters by Ruth Doyle, Ashling Lindsay
Also by this author: Songs for Our Sons
Published by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers on September 29, 2020
Genres: Children's
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What hopes do you have for the future? Who do you long to become? This empowering book encourages young girls to become leaders unafraid to stand up for themselves and others. The world’s been waiting for them, and there’s so much to discover! Warm, loving rhymes and tenderly detailed illustrations help readers imagine the thousands of adventures up ahead. Each new day is a chance to become a keeper of kindness and a champion of change, an imaginative explorer who listens well and speaks the truth. 
A perfect gift for baby showers, graduations, and other celebrations, Dreams for Our Daughters is a book girls will treasure throughout their lives.

Dreams for our Daughters is the companion book to Songs for Our Sons, and it’s just as beautiful, poetic, heart-felt, and magical. Ruth Doyle and Ashling Lindsay share their talents once again to craft an empowering, whimsical message of strength, power, beauty, grace, and belonging. Like my previous review, let me simply write about the most powerful lines and scenes.

The wind whispers a welcome: we’ve been waiting for you, for the joy-making, groundbreaking magic you’ll do. – It’s a beautiful introduction and. For me, evokes memories of the daughter I wanted for, my unexpected adopted daughter who we upended our lives for. It takes me back to that sense of anticipation that is both longing and dread, but captures the heart of how I felt about her: So never be labeled as less than you are. Be brave and believe in your own guiding star.

The book teaches young girls to be strong, fearless, and capable. Independent isn’t quite the right word, because the book hums with the need for community. Dreams for our Daughters presents girls as leaders, fighters, builders, and creatives. With so many odd cultural messages about womanhood—be it in conservative Christian thinking or secular thinking, Doyle and Lindsay encourage young girls to simply be themselves, no matter what other messages the world brings.

Dreams for our Daughters envisions a future where humanity cares for creation, for refugees, for the outcast, and the marginalized—and it envisions young girls leading the charge into this better world. It’s a prophetic word of what could be, what is hoped for, and what may come to pass, if only we allow our young girls the freedom to dream.