The Case for Heaven Young Reader’s Edition – Lee Strobel

The Case for Heaven Young Reader's Edition: Investigating What Happens After Our Life on Earth by Lee Strobel
Published by Zonderkidz on March 15, 2022
Genres: Children's
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Is heaven real? What is it really like? Award-winning author Lee Strobel tracked down the evidence and provides answers to the questions children 8-12 ask about both heaven and hell in this young reader’s edition of The Case for Heaven that is perfect for teaching your child about the biblical evidence for eternal life.
Every child wonders at some point what happens after we die—especially after the loss of a pet, a grandparent, or another loved one. Lee Strobel (The Case for Christ) understands your child’s questions, and presents a kid-friendly examination of the evidence for heaven, packed full of research that:
Helps readers 8-12 understand the biblical, historical, and contemporary facts about the afterlife in a logical and easy-to-follow wayExplains what happens after we dieExplores what heaven and hell are really like, based on tested biblical truthsPresents what it means to have eternal lifeThe Case for Heaven Young Reader’s Edition is perfect for:
Sunday school and homeschool educationComforting kids 8-12 following a death, and reassuring those experiencing griefUnpacking biblical principles in a way anyone can understandBy the end of this book, your child will have a clearer understanding of the afterlife, as well as peace knowing the Christian view of heaven is sound. And if you enjoy The Case for Heaven Young Reader’s Edition, don’t forget to also check out The Case for Christ Young Reader’s Edition!

What will heaven be like? The cultural concept of heaven is usually envisioned as a walled city in the clouds where ethereal figures wear halos and play the harp. That’s…not a very appealing picture. Of course, the other cultural concept of heaven is that there isn’t one. You live. You die. The end. Lee Strobel has parlayed his investigative journalism career into what has now been over two decades of apologetics ministry, the latest of which being The Case for Heaven. But it isn’t just adults that have these questions and misconceptions. The Case for Heaven Young Reader’s Edition seeks to bring things down to an elementary school level, using material gleaned from the original book and refocusing on the questions that young kids might be asking.

This is more than just an adaptation of the adult book. While the same material is used, Strobel and Jesse Florea remix it to answer a series of questions:

  • Can we live forever?
  • Is death something to fear?
  • Do we have a soul?
  • Can we peek into life beyond death?
  • What is Heaven really like?
  • Why should I believe in Heaven?
  • Will there be pets in Heaven?
  • Will there be rewards in Heaven?
  • Who will be in Heaven?
  • Is Hell for real?
  • Doesn’t God want everyone in Heaven?
  • What do other religions say happens after death?
  • Can I decide what I believe about this later?
  • How can I really live forever?

Each chapter is about ten pages, making the book highly readable and accessible. Each chapter also ends with a “cross-examination,” four discussion questions that help young readers reflect on the content of the chapter. It’s well-written, clear, concise, and thoroughly evangelical.

What I appreciated most about the book is that it retains some of the interview questions that is central to Strobel’s style in all The Case for… books. This introduces young readers to theologians, philosophers, and Christian leaders they probably haven’t heard of. A lot of books for kids don’t rely on “experts” for their answers because, what’s the need? And indeed, this book could have been written without citing any expert. Just put the information out there. But by retaining the professional interviews, The Case for Heaven Young Reader’s Edition adds depth and nuance, teaching kids to go to experts in the field for answers. It’s teaching investigative journalism and good research techniques all while developing a theology of the afterlife!

I love these young reader’s versions. They really enable intergenerational study and spiritual thinking. Don’t just give this book to your kid. Read the adult version and talk over the concepts with them. Have them share what they learned, then share what you learned. Get a conversation going. While Strobel doesn’t hit on every interpretation of various doctrine (in particular, I think more could have been said about annihilationism and the stronger arguments in defense of universalism were downplayed), it is a robust and age-appropriate apologetic for a traditional evangelical idea of the afterlife.