Mothering by the Book: The Power of Reading Aloud to Overcome Fear and Recapture Joy – Jennifer Pepito

Mothering by the Book: The Power of Reading Aloud to Overcome Fear and Recapture Joy by Jennifer Pepito, Sally Clarkson
Also by this author: Awaking Wonder: Opening Your Child's Heart to the Beauty of Learning, Help, I'm Drowning: Weathering the Storms of Life with Grace and Hope
Published by Bethany House Publishers on August 2, 2022
Genres: Non-Fiction, Christian Life, Parenting
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Becoming a better, happier mom starts with the stories you tell your kids.

As a mom, you want to nurture a strong family, but fear steals your joy. Sometimes you wonder if you're failing your children or whether you're cut out for this.

Beloved writer and mom of seven Jennifer Pepito understands. She was intent on loving her children well, but fear and worry pushed her around. Ultimately, she found her joy in a most surprising place: the pages of classic literature she was reading aloud to her children every day. These stories helped her reclaim the wonder of childhood for herself and her children.

In Mothering by the Book, Jennifer takes you on a fascinating, whimsical journey that will bring freedom and fun to your parenting--one great book at a time.

In Mothering by the Book, Jennifer Pepito shares personal stories about how different books have encouraged her during challenging times. She references favorite classics like All of a Kind Family and The Hiding Place, drawing out their life lessons and showing how they have shifted her perspective on fears she has struggled with. Each chapter focuses on a common fear, such as the fear of your children being behind, or of not having enough, and then shows how a specific book sheds light on this. The chapters end with suggestions for further reading, although some of the titles make repeat appearances over different lists.

Pepito is a Christian homeschool mother of multiple children, and her examples will particularly resonate with people who share her background, either as home educators or homeschool graduates. However, even though the majority of her examples are specific to her family’s lifestyle, Pepito is honest about her struggles and doesn’t give off an elitist view of homeschooling. People who have chosen different educational paths for their family can enjoy this as well, as long as they’re fine with not relating to many of the story-driven examples.

Mothering by the Book: The Power of Reading Aloud to Overcome Fear and Recapture Joy will greatly encourage mothers who are dealing with fear and anxiety. Pepito shows that good books aren’t mere escapism, but can strengthen us to face life with greater courage and wisdom. Her honesty about her struggles and failures will help other mothers feel less alone, especially if they are also anxiety-prone. However, if someone is just looking for reading recommendations, they should know that this book’s primary focus is on coping with parenting fears, not on literary reflection.