The Heart of a Hero – Susan May Warren

The Heart of a Hero Susan May Warren
Heart of a Hero by Susan May Warren
Also by this author: The Way of the Brave, Price of Valor, The Way of the Brave, Sunrise, Sunburst, Sundown, One Last Shot
Series: Global Search and Rescue #2
Published by Revell on June 2, 2020
Genres: Fiction, Christian, Romance
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Rescuing Aria Sinclair is just what former SEAL Jake Silver needs in order to redeem his past mistakes. Keeping her distance from Jake is what Aria needs to protect her heart. As a hurricane turns paradise into peril, they must save themselves and others in this story of second chances and survival--and the cost of both.

The Heart of a Hero is the second novel in Susan May Warren’s “Global Search and Rescue” series, and she did not disappoint! Readers first meet Aria Sinclair and former SEAL Jake Silver in The Way of the Brave. I was so relieved to read more of their story. Warren only gave glimpses at their dimensions in the first book, but we get all aspects of Aria and Jake in book 2! As one of the nation’s most respected pediatric heart specialists, Aria travels to Florida for a medical conference. She hoped for a refreshing getaway, too, but fate had other plans. A hurricane blows into town…bringing with it Jake Silver, whose only goal is to keep her safe.

Warren kept me up at night with this one! I walked in and out of rooms reading, even turning on lights in hallways so I didn’t have to stop. Sometimes The Heart of a Hero featured too much technical jargon, and I struggled to keep characters straight on occasion. It didn’t help when Warren introduced more as the book went on. For the most part, though, each one added something to the story. I especially fell in love with one character, who acted similar to the “God voice,” in the story. She was the one who constantly reminded that God was in control. She was also super funny and stubborn. In a way, she reminded me of my own grandmother—quite the compliment!

The Heart of a Hero begins a week after the conclusion of The Way of the Brave, so I do recommend reading the first book. The Way of the Brave helps readers really understand how complicated the relationship is between Aria and Jake and what motivates them. Just like in the first book, The Heart of a Hero has biblical messages throughout. I don’t often want to take a highlighter to my novels, but there were so many conversations in this novel I wish I could forever save.

That being said, I did have a few issues with The Heart of a Hero. That’s based in my own personal experience with tropical weather. As someone who lives on the Gulf Coast, I may be more well-versed in tropical systems than the average individual. There were things about Warren’s portrayal of storm activities that bothered me. I also blame that on my career, though, in emergency management. During hurricane season, I live, sleep, and breathe the weather. A couple instances in The Heart of a Hero, I couldn’t stop my laugh, because some things never would actually happened. As long as I kept the emergency management side of my brain turned off, I enjoyed The Heart of a Hero a lot more.

Susan May Warren’s The Heart of a Hero kept me on the edge of my seat from cover to cover. It was filled with humorous and clever dialogue, but it also portrayed serious and impactful messages in a simple and gentle manner. No banging anyone over the head with biblical principles! I fell in love with Jake Silver and Aria Sinclair. They’re the types of characters you can’t help but root for. They have to face the storms of life—both emotional and physical. Warren makes them feel like real people with real histories and real scars. It may have its issues, but The Heart of a Hero is a fast-paced, heart-pumping, and romantic trek into a hurricane you won’t want to put down! When can I read the next one?!