Salvation (Chronicles of Servitude #5) – J.S. Bailey

Salvation JS Bailey
Salvation by J.S. Bailey
Also by this author: Servant, Sacrifice, Surrender, Solemnity
Series: The Chronicles of Servitude #5
Published by BHC Press on September 24, 2020
Genres: Fiction, Christian, Suspense, Thriller
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Bobby Roland’s adventures are drawing to an end.
Desperate and in pain after an encounter with a cursed object, Bobby knows he must find someone to replace him as the Servant—a role enabling him to exorcise demons from the possessed—before it’s too late. His hunt for a replacement is interrupted when Bobby learns that a mysterious occult practitioner named Jane has embarked on a mission of slaughter, and that she will target Bobby himself if he chooses to interfere in her quest for immortality.
Bobby knows he cannot let Jane succeed, regardless of her threats. He and his friends band together to stop Jane from murdering again, and uncover shocking secrets in the process.

Dear J.S. Bailey, please stop killing characters in dramatic ways that rip my heart out of my chest. And then run my heart over with a full cement truck. Then blow up the cement truck with explosives over the place you squashed my heart. Salvation is the perfect conclusion to a thrilling roller coaster of a series. “The Chronicles of Servitude” had its twists, turns, and loop-de-loops, and when it finally ended, I wanted to just get in line to ride it again. Salvation is chilling in the best way possible. Hope you have a comfort blanket nearby, because this one will give you shivers!

Bobby Roland is exhausted. He’s been the Servant for a number of years, and he is weak in both body and mind. He knows it’s time to find a successor, but who? And how can he do so when there’s a ghost of a girl communicating with him, and when a spell-casting witch is collecting souls in an attempt to live forever? Can he push down his own pain long enough to survive one last time?  He knows the Spirit has the power to overcome it all, but now he questions if he can keep up. But Bobby doesn’t have a choice. He and his friends have to succeed, or more people–innocent or not–may die.

All of your favorite characters are back: Carly, Joanna, Mia, Ashley, Phil, Allison, Frankie, and basically everyone else who is still alive. Salvation by J.S. Bailey is a story of both redemption and conclusion. Of teamwork and finality. Of good conquering evil.  Salvation is connected together like a tangled spiderweb.  One tug on one string dislodges the whole creation, but that little yank doesn’t tear the whole thing apart. It pulls you in, but you may find that you don’t want to escape. You want–no, need–to find out more. Picture Shelob’s web in The Lord of the Rings. Baily entraps her readers in a exhilarating tale of high stakes and life or death scenarios. The only release is with a swipe of the sword known as the final page, the final words–“THE END.”

I loved Salvation.  I loved this series. If you like mind-boggling, thought-provoking, supernatural thrillers, you will, too.