The World is Awake for Little Ones – Linsey Davis with Joseph Bottum and Lucy Fleming

The World Is Awake for Little Ones: A Celebration of Everyday Blessings by Linsey Davis, Joseph Bottum, Lucy Fleming
Also by this author: How High is Heaven, Stay This Way Forever for Little Ones
Published by Zonderkidz on September 21, 2021
Genres: Children's
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Inspire children to be thankful for all of God’s blessings with this joyful celebration of the simple pleasures all around us. Perfect for sharing at bedtime or story time, The World Is Awake gives children (and their parents) a sense of awe and wonder at the world around them.
Linsey Davis, Emmy Award-winning ABC News anchor and bestselling author, invites us to celebrate the everyday miracles that surround us in this inspiring and diverse picture book. From blooming flowers in the backyard to the roaring animals at the zoo to the breeze in the evening trees … the world is awake!
Now also available as a board book, The World Is Awake:
features playful and heartwarming read-aloud rhymes from Emmy Award-winning ABC News anchor Linsey Davisincludes whimsical, joy-filled illustrations from bestselling artist Lucy Flemingis a great board book for ages 0-4, preschool, kindergarten and early elementary age kidscelebrates diversity and inspires gratitude for God’s blessingsmakes a wonderful gift for birthdays, Easter, and other gift-giving holidaysCelebrate your everyday blessings through The World Is Awake.
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The World is Awake for Little Ones is a board book adaptation of Linsey Davis’s 2018 children’s book The World is Awake. Using the same storyline and theme as the original, the board book is physically smaller and doesn’t have quite so many words. Have you ever read a children’s book and thought “I love this, but my kids aren’t quite ready for paper books?” That is my family. I have so many lovely books that are stored in my office, brought out on occasion to read, then put away again—simply because my little ones love paper books a little too much. Board books are sturdier and hold up (mostly) to the beating my kids give them. I can actually let them take board books to their room, look at on their own, and not worry too much about them getting torn up.


The World is Awake is one of those books. A beautiful book, but seriously something my kid would try to eat. The World is Awake for Little Ones allows me, just through its format, to let them engage in the story themselves—which is an important thing in developing young readers. The truncated text is a necessity, I suppose, but I do wish that it had the full story. Despite that, the theme of the story shines through just as strong as the book’s two kids revel in God’s everyday blessings. The world is awake—it’s a wonderful place, alive with God’s power and glad with his grace.


My adoration for this book probably also stems from the fact the two little kids in the book look just like my own kids—so much so that they insist that it is them in the story. The family spends the day playing outside, going to the zoo and the market before coming back home and getting ready for bed. It’s very much like our own weekend days (except for the zoo!) and is a reminder to me to not get so caught up in the normal and everyday that I miss out on its beauty.


I love this book. And, more importantly, my kids do as well.