I am Redeemed – Mike Weaver

I am Redeemed Mike Weaver
I Am Redeemed: Learning to Live in Grace by Mike Weaver, Jim Scherer
Published by Worthy on September 3, 2019
Genres: Non-Fiction, Biography
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Mike Weaver, lead singer of Big Daddy Weave, shares from personal experience how when all we can see is our struggles and failures, God reminds us of who we are. . . . His children. Loved. Set free. Redeemed.I Am Redeemed is an open book of Mike Weaver's life, bringing into the light everything from his battle with self-hatred to the near death of his brother and bandmate, who ultimately had both feet amputated to save his life. Mike shares the lessons learned in the loss of his father and dealing with the spirit of suicide within his band, Big Daddy Weave.
At the lowest of lows, with Mike feeling rejected and alone, God broke through to speak truth and life into him. Thankful for God's plan and timing and methods, he is especially grateful for the new identity Jesus had paid for on the cross. In spite of his faults and failures, Mike learned that only God can take the stuff you hate about yourself and use it to reach people.
Through the million-selling song "Redeemed" and now the powerful story behind it, as well as inspiration from Scripture, you will be encouraged to embrace God's redeeming grace so you, too, have the opportunity to be beautiful offerings to the Lord.

I am redeemed, You set me free

So I’ll shake off theses heavy chains

And wipe away every stain

now I’m not who I used to be

Redeemed, Big Daddy Weave –

Big Daddy Weave’s most famous song has a long past that extends all the way back into Mike Weaver’s childhood. Far from being one of those it-just-came-to-me type of songs, Redeemed is built out of a lifetimes of struggle, loss, and a grasping for hope and redemption. It’s a broken hallelujah, a battered proclamation of victory, a cry of faith when the specter of doubt and anxiety settles in.

Around the core of their hit song, Mike Weaver—the titular Big Daddy Weave—crafts a thoughtful memoir that traces the influences, both positive and negative, that led to their breakout hit and the effect it has had on his music, ministry, and personal life.

The first third of the book or so covers his childhood, focusing on his introduction to music and the beginning of his self-hatred and anxiety that would continue to haunt him. The second third follows his music career, the introduction of Big Daddy Weave, and the struggles of breaking into the industry. The last third takes on Redeemed and all the things that came after it, along with stories of how God has used that song in the lives of the people who have heard it.

It has all the makings of a great story but, unfortunately, Mike is a much better singer-songwriter than a book-writer. The pacing is uneven. Pretty eventful storylines get a passing mention or a page while entire chapters cover other aspects that don’t quite fit as well into the book’s overall theme. The writing is sub-par. The storytelling just isn’t that engaging. It’s told matter-of-factly, with little hype or flourish. There’s little emotion conveyed even when there should be an abundance. The story is fine, but it just isn’t transmitted well.

If you’re a fan, you’ll probably want to pick this up. It provides some interesting tidbits and behind the scenes facts about the band. But if you’re just a fan of stories and memoirs and biographies—this had potential but never really rose to the challenge. Most celebrities do memoirs like this with a ghostwriter. They provide the message and material and allow the ghostwriter to craft a story out of it. I Am Redeemed just looks unfinished from a technical perspective, which is disappointing because I think Big Daddy Weave’s story is one worth being told.