The King of Christmas (FatCat #2) – Todd Hains

The King of Christmas by Todd R. Hains, Natasha Kennedy
Also by this author: The Lord's Prayer
Series: FatCat #2
Published by Lexham Press on October 5, 2022
Genres: Children's, Christmas
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All God’s Children Search for Jesus“The star of the King of Christmas! Where will we find him?”
Inspired by the story of the magi and Mary’s Magnificat and featuring a family prayer, The King of Christmas invites children and families to share the joy of searching for Jesus during Advent.
Join FatCat and the wise men as they follow the light of the Christmas star, journeying over sea and field, through market and temple, to find the King of Christmas. In each place they look, a new friend joins their search.
The journey doesn’t end at the manger. Once the magi and their lively cast of friends and friendly beasts find Jesus at the nativity scene, they ask where else he can be found. On the cross? In the tomb?
And where do we find the King of Christmas today? In his word, where he promises to be found. Wherever his name and word are, you will find him too. Merry Christmas to all God’s children!

Proverbs says “Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it.” If you want to get very technical, I think a better translation of the Hebrew is “it will not depart from them.” How and what we teach our children in the formative years of their life matters. With so many resources and so many options, how are were to choose? Lexham Press’s FatCat books are intentional in their educational value, reclaiming the lost art of catechism. A catechism is usually a simple summary of Christian doctrine intended for memorization. FatCat is a series of books that uses simple sentences, repetition, and beautiful illustrations to teach biblical truths. The King of Christmas is the second FatCat book.

The story focuses on the narrative of the Magi’s search for Jesus. The opening panels see three kings noticing a Star with the words: The star of the King of Christmas! Where will we find him? As the Magi go on their journey, The King of Christmas offers readers a colorful tableau of various places the King might be.

In the heavens?


In the sky?


Each panel is beautifully illustrated (and be on the lookout for FatCat in each one!). Todd Hains writes in purposefully repetitive refrains so that even the youngest listeners know what to expect—and is anticipating when the answer might change to Yes! Soon, the setting changes from the country to the city.

The tables where the rich eat?


The thrones where the mighty sit?


And suddenly things have gotten very serious. Why wouldn’t a King be among the rich and mighty? The Magi are there, willing to offer their gifts, but the King is not among them. Finally, their journey leads them to a manger.

The manger where animals eat—is the King of Christmas there?


But the story doesn’t end here. Hains and illustrator Natasha Kennedy continue the narrative to explain the Gospel story. That the King of Christmas is also on the cross (but not in the tomb); that He is present in his word and in His people.

The book then closes with a brief service of family prayer. FatCat books emphasize the family as a place of church—something I absolutely treasure. They put together a liturgical Christmas prayer for parents to read with their kids and showcase that this is more than just a book to read, but it is a story that compels us to worship.