Is God Still Awake – Sheila Walsh

Is God Still Awake Sheila Walsh
Is God Still Awake?: A Small Girl with a Big Question About God by Sheila Walsh, Aleksandra Szmidt
Published by Thomas Nelson on November 2, 2021
Genres: Children's
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In this picture book that teaches children about prayer, author Sheila Walsh helps you show your kids how, when, and why to talk with God as they learn more of who God is and how much He loves them!
Is God Still Awake? introduces curious young readers to Poppy: a little girl who has big questions about God! Poppy wants to know how to talk with God and whether God listens to her. As she goes through her day with her cat by her side, Poppy discovers that God is always there--even when the world is asleep!

In Is God Still Awake?, Sheila Walsh introduces young readers to big questions about God. Young Poppy has been learning about prayer and how it’s simply talking to God, but…is it really that simple? Can you talk to God at any time? When it’s night, and you want to talk with God, Is God Still Awake? Walsh has said that the title comes from a question she asked her mom as a child when she wanted to pray for salvation. It was late at night. Was God available?

With whimsy and a deep heart, Walsh assures young readers that God is always awake, always available, and always ready to listen to his children. The rhyming text flows well, making the message easily remembered. It’s one of those books that you’ll find your little ones “reading” because they’ve memorized it!

Aleksandra Szmidt provides the beautiful illustrations that pop off the page. Whether it’s the glowing moon or Poppy’s bedroom, Szmidt provides eye-catching art that will have your children exploring the pages and enjoying the details.

Is God Still Awake? is a fun, reassuring, constantly readable book that assures kids of God’s ever-present love and always-open line of communication through prayer.