Leaving Silence Susannah Larry

Leaving Silence – Susannah Larry

A book like Leaving Silence is difficult to read because it forces readers to face the harm of sexualized violence—and not just as something perpetrated by “the world” but as a recurring theme in the […]

Is Christmas Unbelievable Rebecca McLaughlin

Is Christmas Unbelievable? Four Questions Everyone Should Ask About the World’s Most Famous Story – Rebecca McLaughlin

This book opens and closes with powerful illustrations from Doctor Who, so of course I loved it. However, even if someone doesn’t connect with the pop culture references that contrast with or illustrate Christian concepts, […]

When Strivings Cease Ruth Chou Simons

When Strivings Cease: Replacing the Gospel of Self-Improvement with the Gospel of Life-Transforming Grace – Ruth Chou Simons

Ruth Chou Simons combines memoir elements with biblical reflection in this book, writing about her lifelong struggle to feel good enough. She weaves in stories from her childhood experiences in an immigrant family, her young […]