Driftwood Tides – Gina Holmes


Driftwood Tides
by Gina Holmes

Genre: Christian, Fiction

Published by Tyndale House

Publication Date: September 2014

Reviewed by Jessica Higgins

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QUICK HIT – A powerful story about yearning for acceptance, overcoming grief, and battling addiction. 

Free Book Saturdays

free book sat

We’re back again with week 3 of Free Book Saturdays…this time we’ve got Tosca Lee’s prelude to The Legend of Sheba.

Bad Girls of the Bible Giveaway


We’ve reviewed the book. We’ve reviewed the DVD small group series. We’ve even talked with Liz herself on the LiS podcast. The only thing left? Let’s get you a free book. Bad Girls of the Bible has been an enduring classic for many years. Now it’s been repackaged and updated and will be perfect for you and your small group. So jump up, join in, share the news and enter as many times as possible to win.

Contest limited to continental U.S. Ends on midnight of 9/6 PT.

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Ted Dekker Talks About A.D. 30

For years, Ted Dekker has regaled readers with far-flung fantasy and creepy killers, with YA novels and intense thrillers, but A.D. 30 is different. Listen to what he has to say about it at The Forgotten Way.

For ten years, I dreamed of entering the life of Jesus through story, not as a Jew familiar with the customs of the day, but as an outsider, because we are all outsiders today. I wanted to hear his teaching and see his power. I wanted to know what he taught about how we should live; how we might rise above all the struggles that we all face in this life, not just in the next life after we die.

We all know what Jesus means for Christians on a doctrinal statement in terms of the next life, and we are eternally grateful. But we still live in this life. What was his Way for this life other than to accept his Way for the next life?

So I began by calling Jesus by the name he was called in his day, Yeshua, and I once again set out to discover his Way through the lens of a Bedouin woman who is cast out of her lofty position in the deep Arabian desert by terribly tragedy. Her epic, unnerving journey forces her to the land of Israel where she encounters the radical teachings of Yeshua which once again turn her world upside down.

As they did mine.

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Booty Bones (A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery #14) – Carolyn Haines


Booty Bones
by Carolyn Haines

Series: A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery #12

Genre: Fiction, Mysteries & Detective Stories

Published by Minotaur

Publication Date: May 2014

Reviewed by Sarah Lara

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QUICK HIT – Island adventures, romantic getaways, secrets, and pirates all make up this fourteenth installment of the Sarah Booth Delaney series

The Story Keeper – Lisa Wingate


The Story Keeper
by Lisa Wingate

Genre: Christian, Fiction

Published by Tyndale House

Publication Date: August 2014

Reviewed by Elizabeth Olmedo

Purchase at Amazon five-stars

QUICK HIT - A riveting story of a young woman who discovers that the only way to move forward is to go back to the one place she had hoped to leave behind for good.

Ismeni (A Prelude to The Legend of Sheba) – Tosca Lee


by Tosca Lee

Series: The Legend of Sheba #0

Genre: Christian, Fiction, Historical, Suspense

Published by Howard Books

Publication Date: August 2014

Reviewed by Josh Olds

Purchase at Amazon five-stars

QUICK HIT - Many authors can't manage the same level of characterization and depth that Tosca Lee crams into fifty action-packed pages. Don't think of this as a prelude, prologue, or promotional teaser for The Legend of Sheba, treat it like it's a story in and of itself: beautiful, complex, and deep. And, best of all, free!

Murder at the Mikado (A Drew Fatherington Mystery #3) – Julianna Deering


Murder at the Mikado
by Julianna Deering

Series: A Drew Farthering Mystery #3

Genre: Christian, Fiction, Historical, Mystery & Detective, Suspense

Published by Bethany House

Publication Date: July 2014

Reviewed by Jessica Higgins

Purchase at Amazon four-half-stars

QUICK HIT - Drew, Madeline, and Nick are back with yet another murder mystery to solve, but could this case unravel Drew and Madeline’s relationship?

Hounded (Andy Carpenter #12) – David Rosenfelt


by David Rosenfelt

Series: Andy Carpenter #12

Genre: Fiction, Mysteries & Detective Stories, Suspense, Thrillers

Published by Minotaur

Publication Date: July 2014

Reviewed by Jessica Higgins

Purchase at Amazon three-half-stars

QUICK HIT – An entertaining mystery while it lasts, but it won’t leave you begging for more.

Manroot – Anne Steinberg


by Anne Steinberg

Genre: Fiction, Historical, Literary

Published by CreateSpace

Publication Date: March 2014

Reviewed by Kathleen Edwards

Purchase at Amazon four-half-stars

QUICK HIT – Bleak, dark, haunting novel of humanity’s struggle with good and evil.