Talking About Race Isaac Adams

Talking About Race – Isaac Adams

I’ve read a lot of books on racial relations, particularly from a Christian perspective, and after a while you begin to recognize the familiar beats. Most books are written to rally the troops. Some books […]

Recovering Racists Idelette McVicker

Recovering Racists – Idelette McVicker

Recovering Racists positions every person who is called White as a beneficiary of racism. And already the arguments begin—“Racism exists, but I’m not racist.” “It’s racist to say that all white people are racist.” “I […]

Beyond Racial Division George Yancey

Beyond Racial Division: A Unifying Alternative to Colorblindness and Antiracism – George Yancey

In this unique, well-argued book, sociologist George Yancey pushes back against the excesses and inherent flaws in colorblindness and antiracism mindsets, arguing that we need to be able to engage in “collaborative conversations” to move […]