Adam Ted Dekker

Adam – Ted Dekker

This isn’t your typical serial killer novel. That’s because Eve isn’t your typical serial killer. He kills his victims on the new moon. Leaves their body ravaged by some undetermined form of meningitis. Toys with […]

Outlaw Ted Dekker

Outlaw – Ted Dekker

A dream. That’s what sent Julie Carter to Indonesia. She wasn’t exactly sure what she’d find or where exactly she’d go, but on the basis of that dream she packed only the essentials for her […]

Showdown Ted Dekker

Showdown – Ted Dekker

Wanna trip, baby? Marsuvees Black’s catchphrase might as well serve as the tagline for Dekker’s wild thriller. Hey, Black may be the villain of the story, but in 2006 when Dekker brought Showdown to the […]