The Blood Book by Ted Dekker Giveaway

The Blood Book Ted Dekker

In 2011, eight hundred copies of The Blood Book were printed. Nine years later, Josh Olds found one tucked away in the back of his closet. No need for two copies, right? Now it’s only fair that this be more than a game of chance. For this prize, the winner shall be the one who refers the most of their friends towards Life is Story. Either they join the email list, the Facebook following, the Instagram page (we got memes!), or tune in to our YouTube channel or podcast – it doesn’t matter to me. If they sign up at your request, you get one step closer to a Blood Book.

But why would my friends want to sign up? They aren’t Dekker fans.

A very good question. First things first, you make them Dekker fans. Dekkies don’t let friends not read Ted Dekker. Second, they’ll get my weekly or so email full of free books. Seriously. I wade the depths of Amazon to curate only the best free Kindle reads every other week. Third, everybody’s a winner. Every entry will receive a FREE digital advanced reader’s copy of my upcoming novella The Magic, The Music, and the Dance (set to publish Summer 2020). So, if your friend likes free books, sign. them. up.

But what about ties?

Another good question! Ties will be broken by individual entries. The top referrer with the most personal entries will win. If there’s still a tie, it’ll go to the individual entries of those they referred. If, by some amazing infinitesimal chance it’s still tied, I’ll flip a coin.

How do I get my friends to refer?

Input your email to start your entry, then click any or all of the “Share” buttons. You’ll get THREE individual entries for each referral.