Germ Robert Liparulo

Germ – Robert Liparulo

CDC: ..The exact origin, locations, and natural habitat (known as the “natural reservoir”) of Ebola virus remain unknown. Bio-terrorism. The very word should make your skin crawl. Right now you could be breathing in odorless, […]


War Room – Chris Fabry

The Kendrick Brothers have become the kings of Christian filmmaking in recent years. While Fireproof probably will stand as their standout hit, their other movies and the subsequent novelizations have been strong and enjoyable movies […]

Thr3e Ted Dekker

Thr3e – Ted Dekker

“Can man step beyond evil’s reach? I think not. Not in this lifetime.” – Dr. John Francis, Thr3e Kevin Parson escaped a twisted childhood to find sense of normalcy in the outside world. He’s assimilated […]