The Chase Lisa Harris

The Chase – Lisa Harris

I sat for 10 minutes prior to writing this review, attempting to find an appropriate simile for Lisa Harris’s The Chase. Whirlwind. Roller coaster. Hurricane. Nothing seems to fit! The best on which I can […]

Legacy of Ash Matthew Ward

Legacy of Ash – Matthew Ward

When I was younger, I loved fantasy. I thrived on traveling into a new world, my imagination turning the words on the page into colorful, vibrant pictures. In really good books, I would create a […]

The Rose Code Kate Quinn

The Rose Code – Kate Quinn

The Rose Code by Kate Quinn is historical fiction, set during and after WWII. It follows the friendship between three women, all working at Bletchley Park, the top-secret home of England’s brightest codebreakers. Osla, Mab, […]

Jewel of the Nile Tessa Afshar

Jewel of the Nile – Tessa Afshar

Chariline has always been different, her caramel skin and dark, curled hair easily identifying her as part Cushite. When she overhears that her birth father is still alive—a fact about which her relatives had lied—she […]

Never Miss Melissa Koslin

Never Miss – Melissa Koslin

Never Miss is Melissa Koslin’s first published novel, and what an entrance it was! She did not slip into the fiction field quietly. Instead, Koslin presents a breathless adventure with exceedingly high stakes and ten […]

Night Fall Nancy Mehl

Night Fall – Nancy Mehl

As a novelist myself, I know just how much time, heart, and research goes into writing a novel like Night Fall by Nancy Mehl. It hurts me to negatively review books, but Night Fall disappointed […]