Fortune Lisa Sharon Harper

Fortune – Lisa Sharon Harper

There have been a lot of books about the history of race in the United States. There are several good books that push back against the established whitewashed narrative of history that downplays the atrocities […]


Your Good Body: Embracing a Body-Positive Mindset in a Perfection-Focused World – Jennifer Taylor Wagner

“Body-positive” is one of those buzzwords that people use to mean all kinds of things. Jennifer Taylor Wagner focuses her definition on helping women love themselves, let go of anxiety and harsh self-judgment, and pursue […]


Courageously Expecting: 30 Days of Encouragement for Pregnancy After Loss – Jenny Albers

This sensitive, compassionate book includes thirty daily readings and reflection prompts for Christian women who are pregnant again after miscarriage or stillbirth. Throughout the book, Jenny Albers shares her personal story, emphasizing the constant sense […]

Thr3e Ted Dekker

Thr3e – Ted Dekker

Kevin Parson escaped a twisted childhood and found some sense of normalcy in the outside world. He’s assimilated. Built his own life outside of the cultish confines of his stepparents’ household. Graduated from college. Is […]