White Ted Dekker

White – Ted Dekker

White begins seamlessly where Red, left off—with the Raison Strain beginning to wreak its havoc with no known cure in sight in one world, while in another world the Circle copes with a radical new […]

The Knight Steven James

The Knight – Steven James

“…these tales, like all other things, may be harmful or useful, according to whoever listens to them.” – Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron Patrick Bowers is used to tracking killers, but this time a killer appears […]

Blur Steven James

Blur – Steven James

Sixteen year old Daniel Byers didn’t really know freshman Emily Jackson, hadn’t even known her name until news of her drowning appeared in the newspapers. Yet here he was at her funeral, mostly because his […]

Red Ted Dekker

Red – Ted Dekker

Black leaves the reader with one world torn apart by Shataiki, Paradise lost, and another beginning to suffer the effects of a deadly virus. Red wastes little time plunging the reader back into both worlds, […]