Enemies and Allies Joel Rosenberg

Enemies and Allies – Joel Rosenberg

For twenty years, Joel Rosenberg has had his finger on the pulse of the Middle East. His fiction career began with The Last Jihad where the opening scene depicts terrorists hijacking an airplane—published nine months […]

On the Spectrum Daniel Bowman

On the Spectrum – Daniel Bowman

Dan Bowman is an author, poet, professor, husband, son, father, Christian…and autistic. While there’s opportunity to misunderstand any one of these appellations, the one most commonly—and even purposely, though often ignorantly—misunderstood is autistic. On the […]

Forsaken Island Sharon Hinck

Forsaken Island – Sharon Hinck

The Dancing Realms came to me with highest praise. The back of the book contains endorsements from fantasy authors like Wayne Thomas Batson and Jill Williamson, with the key endorsement coming from NYT bestselling author […]

Manna Reign Dineen Miller

Manna Reign – Dineen Miller

Manna Reign is one of those books where the pieces fit together a little too nicely, the characters are little too flat, and the plot twists a little too predictable. It’s not a terrible book, […]

Praying With Our Feet Lindsey Krinks

Praying With Our Feet – Lindsey Krinks

Early on in my first long-term pastorate, I had a meeting with a parishioner who lived in the adjoining neighborhood. The overwhelming majority of the church lived outside the neighborhood and the church didn’t have […]