Sleep Like Me Tatia Nadareishvili
Children's Books

Sleep Like Me – Tatia Nadareishvili

A perfect bedtime book, Sleep Like Me explores the different ways animals sleep as seen through the eyes of a young boy trying to find the perfect sleeping position. You and your children will laugh […]

The Art of Dying Rob Moll

The Art of Dying – Rob Moll

When I think of a good death, there is a phrase and a person who comes to mind. The phrase comes from Scripture, one repeated five times throughout the Old Testament: “old and full of […]

Gospel Driven Ministry Jared C Wilson

Gospel-Driven Ministry – Jared C. Wilson

Pastors should be aware that Wilson is Southern Baptist and Gospel-Driven Ministry reflects that background. In the opening pages of Wilson’s introduction to the calling and work of a pastor, he is overtly clear that […]

Play Dead Ted Dekker

Play Dead – Ted Dekker

A thoughtful mind-trip of a thriller, Play Dead is the Dekker novel you’ve been craving. It’s been two years since Ted Dekker’s last non-children’s book and nine years since his last real solo thriller. It’s […]

A Piece of the Moon Chris Fabry

A Piece of the Moon – Chris Fabry

A Piece of the Moon is a love letter to old-time small-town radio wrapped within a character-driven story of brokenness and redemption that takes place amid an enthralling treasure hunt. The hunt itself is almost […]