A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, Really) Rachel Jones

A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, Really): An Adventure for the Curious Into Bodies, Womanhood, Time, Pain and Purpose–And How to Have a Better Time of the Month – Rachel Jones

In A Brief Theology of Periods, Rachel Jones shares insight into the role of periods in women’s lives. She acknowledges the widely varying range of experiences that women have based on their ages, life situations, […]

The Heart of Anger Christopher Ash and Steve Midgley

The Heart of Anger: How the Bible Transforms Anger in Our Understanding and Experience – Christopher Ash and Steve Midgley

The Heart of Anger is insightful, clear, and well-organized, providing deep insight into human anger, God’s righteous anger, and the ways that Christ can change our hearts. The authors provide case studies and examples of […]