Religion on Trial – W. Mark Lanier

Ever since Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ in the 1990s, a whole subgenre of apologetics has popped up with various professions using their expertise to evaluate Christianity or critique the competition. This is one […]


Essential Christianity – JD Greear

In my own pastoral life, I’ve always broken down Christian doctrine into three tiers: foundational doctrines, secondary doctrines, and preferences/opinions. Foundational doctrines are Essential Christianity. Take a doctrine away—like the Resurrection of Jesus—and you no […]


Is Easter Unbelievable? Four Questions Everyone Should Ask About the Resurrection Story – Rebecca McLaughlin

This short, highly readable apologetics resource addresses four key questions that people should ask to fully understand the Easter story and the Christian faith. These questions are about the historicity of Jesus’s life, whether or […]

Christian Apologetics Douglas Groothius

Christian Apologetics – Douglas Groothius

An updated edition from the original 2011 text, Christian Apologetics is a massive tome that comprehensively covers apologetics from a classical, evangelical perspective. Douglas Groothius divides the book into three parts: apologetic preliminaries, the case […]