And Then I Woke Up: A Conversation with Kevin Kaiser

And Then I Woke Up: A Podcast From Kevin Kaiser

Kevin Kaiser

I first met Kevin Kaiser at the Nashville Gathering in 2009, where he served as right-hand man to none other than Ted Dekker. Through the years, Kevin has forged a path through media relations and brand management toward his own projects and a deepening relationship with Dekker that has resulted in Outlaw Studios.

But for the past several years, Kevin Kaiser has been off the grid. When I first started talking about revitalizing this podcast, I sent out a question asking who people wanted to hear from. To my surprise, “What is Kevin Kaiser doing?” was the most asked question.

So I went and found out. Listen in as the inimitable KSK tells his story from the financial sector to the creative one and what he’s learned along the way. Also, check out his new podcast And Then I Woke Up, available wherever you listen to podcasts.

The one Infinite Creator of all that is can certainly stand the pressure of a human questions. - Kevin Kaiser

Listen in:

Josh Olds: How has your past in the literary world helped you with your current work talking about identity and what it means to be human?

Kevin Kaiser: So life is story. I mean, that’s the perfect, perfect metaphor for it. I love story theory, I love the ideas around why story works, and what stories actually are. And a lot of people talk about different story archetypes, that there are six or seven different archetypes. I actually think that those six or seven, or however many there are, really, you can distill those down to one story.

There’s actually only one story. This is what I can tell. And that every movie you’ve ever seen, every play, every book, everything is about this one thing. And this one thing is about the main character discovering who they are. It’s all about identity.

The Podcast

And Then I Woke Up Kevin KaiserIf you think the modern-day pursuit of happiness is making us miserable, this show is for you. If you feel restless, disillusioned, or unfulfilled by modern culture’s ideas of who you should be, what you should want, and what matters most, consider this your invitation to a journey in redefining life and reclaiming your Self.

Host Kevin Kaiser explores how we can wake up to who we really are and start experiencing a deeper sense of purpose, presence, and enjoyment in life no matter our circumstances.

The Author

Kevin KaiserKevin Kaiser is a writer and former Senior Brand Manager for Creative Trust, an entertainment agency based in Brentwood, Tennessee. For nearly ten years he was responsible for the marketing strategy of CT’s literary clients. Along with Ted Dekker, he currently co-manages Outlaw Studios, an independent marketing and media company focused on transformational storytelling.