Proverbs for You Kathleen Nielson

Proverbs for You – Kathleen Nielson

The book of Proverbs is a difficult book around which to fashion a cohesive commentary. Like most ANE wisdom literature, Proverbs is a compilation of sayings that are loosely connected and function as statement of […]

Half the Battle Jon Chasteen

Half the Battle – Jon Chasteen

We all have hidden hurts. They’re the losses that we’ve buried deep within ourselves. The childhood traumas that we’ve consciously forgotten. The pent-up anger and frustration of some unmet expectations. Jon Chasteen uses the imagery […]

Deeper Still Linda Allcock

Deeper Still – Linda Allcock

We live in a busy world. Even as technology has made our lives more productive, we’ve continued to push ourselves past normal limits in a way completely derogatory to our mental health. To push back […]