The London House Katherine Reay

The London House – Katherine Reay

The London House is an incredible novel. While it’s not your typical dual-time novel, it does span two different time periods, and it’s historical aspect is strictly epistolary and beautifully depicted. In the present day, […]


Under the Magnolias – T.I. Lowe

Under the Magnolias is absolutely amazing – Raw, filled with authenticity, with realistic characters. It’s the first T.I. Lowe novel I’ve read, but definitely won’t be the last! Set in the 1980s, Under the Magnolias is the […]

The O in Hope Luci Shaw
Children's Books

The O in Hope – Luci Shaw

A bright and colorful book for young readers and pre-readers, The O in Hope is designed to draw attention to the roundest of letters—and the goodness of God’s gifts of hope and love. Poet Luci […]

Jesus of the East Phuc Luu

Jesus of the East – Phuc Luu

For many in the Western church, Jesus is a Western construct. We don’t always realize it, because it’s been the case since virtually the Romanization of Christianity with Constantine and evolved as the Europeanization of […]