In God’s Image – Michael Welker

The Gifford Lectures are sponsored by a bequest to several Scottish universities by Adam Lord Gifford in the late 1800s. These lectures are meant to promote the thinking about and study of Natural Theology. Numerous […]

Speak Your Peace Ron Sider

Speak Your Peace – Ron Sider

A few years ago, Ron Sider wrote a book called If Jesus is Lord, which was a thorough and comprehensive examination of the doctrine of nonviolence. The next year, Sider worked that academic book into […]


Journey to Love – Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is one of my favorite people that I’ve never met in person. As someone with a lot of online friends, that’s not a categorization I take lightly. His words are constantly gracious, loving, […]


Passport to Heaven – Micah Wilder

Evangelicalism has had a rather odd relationship with the Mormon church throughout its history, ranging from outright castigation as a cult to acceptance within the pantheon of Christian denominations. Despite its growth, and despite its […]

A Field Guide for Genuine Community Ben Connelly

A Field Guide for Genuine Community: 25 Days and 101 Ways to Move from Façade to Family – Ben Connelly

This well-written, thoughtful book encourages Christians to think beyond their church’s specific system for group gatherings to recapture a vision of being a “close spiritual family.” Ben Connelly writes from the perspective of a church-planting […]