Mask Kerry Nietz

Mask – Kerry Nietz

The world—or at least the PacNorth part of it—has settled into utopia. Technology has automated many of life’s daily functions, such as driving, and there exists a perfectly democratic society. For a while now, the […]

Numb John Otte

Numb – John Otte

Crusader was built as an assassin, trained as a mercenary, stripped of emotion and feeling, a human machine, completely Numb. As a soldier of the Ministrix, it is his job to do whatever the Ministrix […]

Failstate John Otte

Failstate – John Otte

Robert Laughlin is just your average, ordinary, everyday high-school guy. He gets nervous around girls, isn’t terribly popular, and gets picked on by his alpha-male older brother who happens to be mom’s favorite. But he’s […]