Jesus Takes a Side Jonny Rashid

Jesus Takes a Side – Jonny Rashid

In an era of political polarization and increasing Christian nationalism, a contingent of moderate evangelicals have decried the politicization of faith and sought out compromise, believing that unity will come only when we put choose […]


When Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough: A Shooting Survivor’s Journey into the Realities of Gun Violence – Taylor S. Schumann

When I first became aware of this book, I expected it to be like the gun control threads that I have read on Twitter. The memoir element of the book greatly interested me, but I […]

Enemies and Allies Joel Rosenberg

Enemies and Allies – Joel Rosenberg

For twenty years, Joel Rosenberg has had his finger on the pulse of the Middle East. His fiction career began with The Last Jihad where the opening scene depicts terrorists hijacking an airplane—published nine months […]

I am Not Your Enemy Michael McRay

I Am Not Your Enemy – Michael McRay

We are a divided and divisive people. I’m writing this review amid the United States’ tumultuous exit from Afghanistan and the day after an ISIS suicide bomber killed a dozen US military personnel and several […]

Posting Peace Douglas Bursch

Posting Peace – Douglas Bursch

I haven’t always been the best on social media. I need to begin this review by admitting that. Ever since about 2015, social media has been divisive. I mean, life has been divisive. Politics have […]