How to Choose Christian Books for Your Children

In 2020, religion publishing was valued at $1.2 billion. Along with books with the Christian mission in mind, books about faith from all perspectives are receiving interest, according to Publishers Weekly. Now, mainstream media is paying attention to evangelical books and authors as demand grows. This caused an influx of more religion-based books. For parents, this means that there are now a wider variety of Christian books that your children can enjoy.

Bridge International Schools highlights that “a love of books leads to literacy and learning,” which emphasizes the importance of reading beyond just formal education for a better understanding of the world. Without well-designed storybooks and textbooks, children can struggle to form a positive identity. Reading quality books — clear, timely, relevant, and age-appropriate — is fundamental for opportunities and better health. Children who are encouraged to read – especially books with moral lessons – can help them in their formative years. Case in point, a child that reads Christian books can learn values and important life lessons that they can cultivate from an early age.

Children’s Christian books are especially helpful when children ask big questions about God and life. As we explained in our review of How Do We Know Christianity Is Really True? – Chris Morphew, big questions like that are answered by books. It helps children form their own thoughts and gather information by themselves. As long as the parents choose the best Christian books, their children are guaranteed to learn more about religion, get valuable lessons, and grow in faith. Read more below on how to choose Christian books for your children.

Check Book Reviews

When choosing Christian books for your children, it is always a good idea to check out book reviews. Here, you can find out more about the book and its content. Often, reviewers also add their input on what values they have learned or what they liked and disliked about how the book was written. This will help you pick out the best books for your children from the wide selection of Christian books available.

Look for Classics

You can’t really go wrong with classic children’s Christian books. They have been loved for a long time – with good reason. Professor Leopold Leeb talks about how classic literature is written with ideas that transcend time. As the Renmin University professor shares, classics offer wisdom that remains relevant over time regardless of hemispheres. The lessons and values that are portrayed in a classic children’s Christian book are timely, even if they were written years ago. With this, you might want to look back on the Christian books you read as a child and share it with your children.

Make Sure That it Is Age-Appropriate

It is also important that you choose age-appropriate books. Consider how the Bible has the standard version but also has various ones for children of different age groups. Junior Bibles that are written for ages 7-11 are almost full versions, just paraphrased accordingly. The words used and how the author tackles the story are much simpler to digest for children. Likewise, most Christian books are adjusted the same way. Books aimed at toddlers have more graphics and shorter stories to help them understand, while books for older kids are more comprehensive.

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