Alice Goes the Way of the Maya – Eric Wilson

Genre: Serialized Story, Suspense, Mystery

Publisher: Writer’s Blade Press

Publication Date: December 31, 2012

Reviewed by Josh Olds

QUICK HIT – Don’t let the title fool you! Alice Goes the Way of the Maya is the first part of a serialized story with serious suspense and mystery.

Alice Brimble isn’t your typical septuagenarian. Not content to sit around and reminisce about the past, Alice is actively attacking the present to explore the past. She’s a bestselling writer with Mayan roots, and as research for her newest novel is traveling to Guatemala to revisit those roots and get fresh ideas for the future. She drags along Jane Graveley, a college-aged history buff, to serve as her personal assistant. It’s all set to be a fun time when Alice and Jane are kidnapped and caught up in a government conspiracy. It’s a fast-paced tale that leaves readers hungry for more.

Eric Wilson has proven himself adept at intermingling history with fiction (perhaps most notably in Dark to Mortal Eyes and The Best of Evil) and Alice Goes the Way of the Maya is just another such example of Wilson’s fascination with historical mysteries. In typical Wilson style, he also pulls in characters from previous stories to tell the tale here. Jane Graveley, Alice’s caretaker, also made a rather significant appearance in Wilson’s previous ebook novella Amelia’s Last Secret. It seems that mystery is going to follow Jane around, as she gets herself into more trouble here.

Alice Goes the Way of the Maya is fun, entertaining, and over all too fast—and I suppose that’s both the highlight of the novella and its problem. Not that it’s necessarily a bad problem, just as problem in the sense of I want more now. Serialized stories like these are enough to whet my appetite…but if there’s not a full meal awaiting, I just might starve. I’d also ask that readers look past the somewhat whimsy title and see it for the serious mystery and suspense it actually is. Wilson has named the series Watch Alice Go!, which to me personally sounds like a children’s series, and the title makes the novel sound more like a whimsical tale for young readers. If I hadn’t already been a fan of Wilson’s work, I definitely would have passed on this one, and even then it didn’t much capture my attention. Only after reading a few pages was I glad I hadn’t missed it.

I suppose that this is why I review: to give readers insight that makes them read books they might have otherwise passed by. Alice Goes the Way of the Maya is definitely worth checking out…especially if you have Amazon Prime, where you can get it for free. I can’t wait for the next installment, Alice Goes the Way of the Eskimo.


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Author: Josh Olds

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