Intersect – Rob Peabody & Cris Rogers

Intersect hits my heart in a very important place: it absolutely loves Story. The series is subtitled Where Your Story and God’s Story Converge. That’s right in my wheelhouse, it’s the same kind of worldview I have. (Hint, hint…just read the name of this website.)

The series was made by the Awaken Movement, headed by Rob Peabody and Cris Rogers. I first met Rob a while back when I read his book Citizen and later interviewed him here. It was a wonderful conversation about the kingdom and about storytelling. They were in the middle of working on Intersect then, so I’m especially happy to be able to see the final product now.

Intersect is five short films of about 5-7 minutes each. The five topics are:






The story begins with different individuals telling their stories. For instance, in the film on disappointment, a man discusses his unexpected and unwanted divorce just before his second anniversary. The story ends with a discussion of wider application. Where was God here? How does this story apply to your own? Where does God’s story converge with ours?

The goal of the film series is to start conversation s. These five areas are universal areas of struggle. Learning how Jesus can come into these universal areas opens others up to the practical realities of the Gospel: that Jesus isn’t just for heaven and on your deathbed, but has real power, now power, I like to call it.

The cinematography is quality and the stories and video discussion are thought provoking and conversation starting. My one complaint is that there’s just not really enough to follow it up. Intersect comes with a discussion guide that divides each section into five questions. In general, the questions are divided as follows:

Topical question about the video’s theme.

Deeper question about the root of that theme.

Question for the specific story in the video.

A Bible passage with a question about how it relates to the theme

A challenge to seek God’s truth in relation to the theme.

That’s a wonderful and thorough structure, but one question per section is not enough. Unless you already have a very open and talkative small group or a very short small group time, it’s going to be hard to fill the time and keep conversation flowing.

I don’t mean that Intersect should throw in questions just for busywork, but based on my experience, it’d be tough to fill more than 30 minutes with the material provided. These themes aren’t so narrow that only one discussion question can be raised from them and more could have been done to develop the Bible study side of things. It’s a bit theologically light, really just meant as a jumpstart into the actual discussion.

With that said, you can always develop these yourself, just be aware of that ahead of time. For what it’s worth, I think the video content is worth the extra prep time.


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Author: Josh Olds

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