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Frequent readers of this website will have figured out that Travis Thrasher is a favorite here at Life is Story. This is for a number of reasons. First of all, I love his stories. Solitary Tales is shaping up to be one of the best series I’ve ever read. Second, I love his range. Drama, love stories, suspense, supernatural: Travis has proved his worth in a number of genres and established himself as someone who can tell any kind of story. He’s not a one-trick pony or someone who writes outside his main genre as a shtick. He’s a Storyteller, and therefore he writes the stories given him. Third, I’ve learned a lot by reading his stories. I’ve seen how fiction works, how suspense is kept, how misdirection is applied, how characters are fleshed out. I’ve also learned about mechanics and style and structure. Fourth, I love his blog. As if Travis doesn’t already write enough, his blog – The Journey is Everything – offers a lot of insights into the world of story.

It’s actually posts from The Journey is Everything that gave birth to his new ebook guide 101 Writing Tips. While some of the material is taken from his blog, this ebook is much more than just slapping together some blog posts in book form. In addition to his 101 different writing tips, Thrasher includes ten different tangential posts that cover topics like “Why I Write” or “Genres.” The tips themselves cover a wide array of advice from publishing to writing to getting motivated and so on. Travis deals with both the art of writing and the business of writing, and his insights on both are invaluable.

In as many as a couple pages or in as little as a sentence, Thrasher conversationally and informally dispenses his advice. It’s just like sitting down and talking with him on the subject. Here’re some examples: Writing Tip #7 – You can learn by reading consumer reviews. #11 – They’re just words. Discard when necessary. #61 – Store away ideas, even if they aren’t ideas to write now. #86 – Create a writing routine.

As an aspiring writer, many of these tips hit me hard, either as things I need to change or things I need to begin or things I was proud of myself for already knowing or doing. If you’re a writer and looking for a bit of encouragement, motivation, and conviction, 101 Writing Tips is a good place to start.

101 Writing Tips is available on Kindle or Nook.




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Author: Josh Olds

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  1. Love Travis’ work. Even the stories I haven’t liked, I’ve appreciated his voice, his daring, and his honesty. He’s unafraid to tamper with the “norms”, and I love that he’s adventurous.

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