Transforming the Church: A Conversation with Cally Parkinson


The Author

Cally ParkinsonCally Parkinson is the primary storyteller for Rise. The coauthor of four books featuring the discoveries of REVEAL, she consults regularly with church leaders regarding their REVEAL survey results. Prior to REVEAL, she spent five years as the communications director for Willow Creek Community Church, following a twenty-five-year marketplace career.

The Book

Rise by Cally ParkinsonBased on the REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey, Rise tells the stories of almost a thousand churches, dividing them into eight archetypes. The honest reader will undoubtedly be able to place his or her own church somewhere within this scale. I love that this isn’t just some made-up scale of church health or vibrancy, but that it’s a scale built on real-life research-based evidence. It tells the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, gives insight and caution, and spurs individuals and churches on up the ranks.

Books like this aren’t supposed to be this fun. By putting the data into real-life context, Parkinson provides readers with the impetus for application in their own churches. Even if I wasn’t a church leader, I would find these case studies fascinating and compelling. Seriously, I am a reader of books and I’ve a bookshelf full of studies by Barna and the like. This one trumps them all.



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Author: Josh Olds

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