Biblical Manhood vs. Patriarchy: A Conversation with Carolyn James


The Author

Carolyn JamesCarolyn Custis James (M.A. in Biblical Studies) is an evangelical thinker who loves God enough to break the rules—rules of cultural convention which attempt to domesticate the gospel message of the Bible. Carolyn is president of WhitbyForum, a ministry dedicated to addressing the deeper needs which confront both women and men as they endeavor to extend God’s kingdom together in a messy and complicated world. She is also founder and president of the Synergy Women’s Network, Inc.—a national organization for women emerging or engaged in ministry leadership.

Carolyn serves as consulting editor for Zondervan’s Exegetical Commentary Series on the New Testament; a regular columnist for FullFill Magazine; contributing editor for Leadership Journal; and an advisory council member for Gifted for Leadership. She speaks regularly at church conferences, colleges and other Christian organizations both in the US and abroad and is a visiting lecturer at various theological seminaries.

The Book

Malestrom by Carolyn Custis JamesIn Malestrom, Carolyn Custis James attempts to bridge the divide and show how the evangelical glorification of patriarchy is, in fact, destructive and counter to Scripture. James begins where she should…right at creation. She highlights the anti-patriarchal nature of Adam calling men to leave their homes and cleave to their wife. She discusses the military usage of the Hebrew word ezer, a military word often used to describe God as Israel’s protector…and used to describe Adam’s “helpmeet.”

From cover to cover, Malestrom is on point and powerful. It’s a book to be wrestled with because, even if you don’t consciously submit to some of the false ideas she challenges, chances are that they subconsciously influence you in some way.


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Author: Josh Olds

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