Bridge to Haven – Francine Rivers

All Abra wants is love. She was abandoned by her mother at birth, left under a bridge to die. Her adoptive mother died of a weak heart and her adoptive father gave her up to another family. She seems to live in the shadow of her sister, the biological daughter More »

The Hero’s Lot (The Staff and the Sword #2) – Patrick Carr

The Hero’s Lot picks up right where A Cast of Stones left off: with Church leadership in turmoil, a powerful duke making a grab for power, a dying king, and the slow invasion of supernatural forces. Even though the events of book one have left Errol a hero (and an More »

Restless – Jennie Allen

A lot of people live the Christian life like once they become a Christian, they’re just supposed to wait around until they die, then they get the joys of heaven. Others want to live the victorious Christian life, but it feels like the humdrumness of normal life keeps getting in More »

Hope Runs – Claire Diaz-Ortiz & Sammy Ikua Gachagua

Claire Diaz-Ortiz embarks on a dream trip around the world with her best friend. One of the last stops on her trip was Kenya; she planned to climb Mount Kenya and then head back to the States. What she didn’t expect to find was Sammy Ikua Gachagua. Sammy lived in More »

Nightriders – Marc Schooley

It’s the late eighteen hundreds and the Wild West is becoming a little tamer. Post-slavery, the nation turned toward rebuilding and expanding. And expanding meant often meant driving the Indians from their homeland. It was a time of cowboys and outlaws, prejudice and racial pride, injustice and death. The plains More »

The Auschwitz Escape – Joel Rosenberg

Joel Rosenberg is best known for his seemingly prophetic political thrillers. Last decade, it seemed as if the man couldn’t write something in his books without a version of it coming true in reality. This decade saw a shift in Rosenberg’s writing. For the past three years, he worked on More »

Love Does

Quite frankly, Bob Goff is a pretty weird guy. Weird in a good way, I guess. Weird in that he’s absolutely committed to loving with the same kind of love that Jesus loves with. Weird in that he’s absolutely heels-over-head excited about the Christianity he’s living. And in Love Does, More »

When Mockingbirds Sing – Billy Coffey

After an unfortunate incident that almost cost Tom Norcross his therapist license, he moves his family away from the city out to the country life of Mattingly. Soon after their arrival, his daughter Leah begins to have conversations with a supposed imaginary friend she calls The Rainbow Man. After receiving More »

Interview with Ted Dekker | Water Walker & A.D. 30

Earlier today, Josh Olds sat down with NYT bestselling novelist Ted Dekker to talk about his recent novel Water Walker and perhaps get him to divulge some details about his upcoming novel A.D. 30. Most authors like to talk about their characters or certain scenes, but for Ted the story is all about More »

God’s Not Dead

When freshman Josh Wheaton winds up in the Philosophy 150 class taught by Professor Radisson, he winds up with a lot more than he bargained for.  The first thing the Professor, a devout atheist, assigns the class is to fill in a paper with the words, “God is Dead.”  Everyone More »


When Heaven Weeps – Ted Dekker

When Heaven Weeps takes us back a generation to the mid 1960s when the Reebok-clad grandmother who prayed for Kent in Heaven’s Wager was a crack-whore who captured the heart of a Serbian solider who had been through a life-altering experience while fighting in Yugoslavia.

The story begins by flashing between the Serb—Jan Jovic—and his experience in the war and his resulting success in America after writing a book about it called The Dance of the Dead. While dealing with his success, he meets Helen in what seems to be a chance encounter and in his efforts to help her escape her life of drugs, controlled by the sleazy Glenn Lutz finds himself falling in love with her.

A la Hosea, Jan becomes the picture of a God who loves the unlovable and though a monster of his past may haunt them, ultimately wins the heart of his beloved. All of this is, of course, to the chagrin of the church officials, who decry the fact that Jan would associate with someone like Helen. Along the way, Jan discovers something about himself, something that he’d miss in the experience of his past that will affect how he views the future and how he understands the concept of sacrificial love.

In the preface to The Heaven Trilogy, a 3-in-1 re-release that includes Heaven’s Wager and Thunder of Heaven, Dekker remarks that many readers—even those who aren’t fans of any of his other books—find When Heaven Weeps their favorite. In truth, I have to consider it Dekker’s best by far. His use of imagery, poetic dialogue, and strong character development develop a theme of God’s unfailing love around a plot that you literally cannot tear yourselves away from. Dekker has written several great novels since, and I’m sure will write even more, but this is still his masterpiece.


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