The Thing About Great White Sharks: And Other Stories – Rebecca Adams Wright

With The Thing About Great White Sharks: And Other Stories, Rebecca Adams Wright has written and compiled fifteen masterful vignettes into one collection. Each one of these stories provides characters and plot that are masterfully rich and believable, yet at the same time surreal and unsettling.

Sheila” the first story, lays out the ambiance and tone for the remainder of the book. David, a successful business man, husband, and father brings home a beautiful, robotic dog to his family. His love for this dog becomes an obsession and the ramifications of their connection in this futuristic world is profound. I found myself immersed in the plot moving at dizzying pace, to the completion of “Sheila” that left me unsettled.

Orchids” is an intriguing story filled with suspense and mystery. Mrs.Cynthia Fleisbein is a seventy¬≠six year old widow who has a passion for orchids. Other than her frequent visits to her friend Roland’s green house (where his own passion rivals her own) Mrs. Fleisbein keeps to the orderly but non description life expected of a matron of her status. But, that is to soon change as events around her become more suspicious and mysterious. The complex events leading to the bizarre conclusion fit perfectly in the overall plot.

And of course there is “The Thing About Great White Sharks.” This is perhaps the most rich, complex, imaginative and unnerving story in this collection. As events in a future world become increasingly alarming, an intense, dread consumes the plot. There is no escape from the present, past and future for Jennifer, the central figure in this horrific story. I recommend that you don’t read this one before going to sleep. Perhaps reading with all the lights on and drinking a large mug of chamomile tea would be a better choice.

All fifteen of these stories are delightful, unsettling, and intensely riveting. Rebecca Adams Wright has managed to create masterful sci-fi stories comprised of diverse characters and the surreal worlds in which they are forced to live. This collection is a “Must Have” that I strongly recommend.


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Author: Josh Olds

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  1. The stories in this collection seem so different from each other and so unusual. I’m very intrigued!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!

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