Genesis – Ted Dekker

It’s the book that Dekker vowed to never let his fans see, but to a core group of the inner Circle that vow was broken. Rough and messy, the product of an amateur Storyteller, Genesis is the where it all began—not just the first draft of his renowned novel Black, not just his first attempts of the Circle Series that would expand into the Books of History, but Dekker’s very first attempt to bleed onto the page.

Frankly, the book is painful to read at points, but painful in a good way because it shows the evolution of Dekker from a man with an Idea, to a man with a Story, to the seasoned veteran Storyteller he is today.

Genesis isn’t a novel to review, it’s a novel to learn from and be encouraged by. Comparing Genesis with its final form, Black, I learned the amount of writing and rewriting necessary to craft a masterpiece. I learned not to get too attached to aspects of the story that aren’t key to the theme—what the Story really is all about. And lastly I learned not to give up, but to keep on keeping on, chiseling away and correcting mistakes until the best Story you can write is left.

From the perspective of a fan, this is one of the ultimate Dekker collectibles. Very few copies of Genesis are in existence. If you have one, feel lucky—keep it secret, keep it safe—because you are among the few granted the chance to have this unvarnished look into the beginnings of a master Storyteller.

Dekker made this novel available as a part of his Share the Love campaign to promote the release of The Priest’s Graveyard. For the last couple of years, Dekker has been at the forefront of offering special perks and sneak peeks to his loyal fans. In 2010, those who preordered The Bride Collector received an ebook of another unpublished Dekker novel, To Kill With Reason. 2011’s campaign included Genesis, The Blood Book, and advanced copies of Forbidden. I can’t wait to see what kinds of things are planned for Dekker and Lee’s Forbidden, which releases September 2011.


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Author: Josh Olds

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  1. Still need to read it. Priority for vacation, most likely.

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  2. My daughter got Genesis. She loaned it to me. I took it on a trip and lost it. She is very upset with me. I would very much like to replace it. Any feedback on how I could do that would be welcome.

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    • Hey Jim,

      I’m really sorry but Genesis was only available as a limited edition and isn’t available for sale in stores. You could try emailing Ted’s fanmail at and perhaps they could give you more information about whether or not any more will be available. Really sorry for your loss,


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