Dig Two Graves – Kim Powers

Ethan Holt earned the nickname “Hercules” when he won the decathlon at the Olympics in his twenties.  A decade later, his wife has died in a car accident, so he returns to his Alma Mater to teach.  There was a scandal over his Olympic win and as a single father he now wants nothing more than to forget his past.  He makes his daughter Skip his whole world, but that world comes crashing down when she is kidnapped.  In order to get her back, he receives bizarre ransom demands that stretch his athletic abilities to the limit.  He realizes he has to complete the twelve labors of Hercules by someone who has followed every step of Ethan’s career.  Ethan soon discovers it is not only his athletic career that has been followed but also his entire life.  Secrets from his past start to come to light and in order to save his daughter he must first come terms with the horrors he has long forgotten.

This story had an interesting premise and great suspense throughout the book.  Unfortunately, the heavy use of cursing throughout the book really bothered me.  This character was supposed to be an intelligent professor, but as he struggled against the clock to save his daughter, all he had to say were four-letter words.

Skip brought about a more believable part of the story.  She was a great character and I enjoyed the times that the book focused on her.  There were a few other characters that helped bring the story to life, like the detective, who after working an abduction case in her own family was thrust at it again with Ethan.  The story came to an exciting, intense conclusion—a showdown in a graveyard.  If cursing doesn’t bother you, this is a book you will really enjoy.


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Author: Josh Olds

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